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Break up with old habits and start a new chapter today


It can be overwhelming to make a change to your diet or lifestyle particularly because of all the conflicting information out there. In a market full of ‘miracle diets’ and extreme lifestyle regimes who do you trust? Honestly we think there is no easy answer, magic formula or one correct way of getting fitter, healthier and better nourished.


At She Blends we don’t believe in taking things to the extreme or putting you through punishing regimes; have you ever started a diet or exercise regime which is impossible to keep up because life gets in the way? Well struggle no more, let go of restrictive routines that leave no room for fun and put down the latest wonder product ‘guaranteed to get results’. Take small steps in the right direction by including realistic changes and learn the ‘art of moderation’.


She Blends will offer a range of ways to help you make small changes and stick to them including recipes, guided workouts, health information, tutorials and helpful advice. As we grow we hope to grow a community of contributors willing to share their knowledge and skills with you to create a healthy space online without the jargon, sales pitches or guilt trips. Fads and health crazes may hit the headlines often but we will aim to avoid the hype and tell it as it is no hidden agenda, no ulterior motives.

Regular posts and updates will cover a variety of topics and you never have to miss a thing; keep up to date via twitter, instagram, facebook or subscribe to the newsletter. Got questions you want answered? or ideas you want to see come to life? get in touch and say hello!

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