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Fruity Griddle Scones

10 minutes
4-6 minutes per batch


200g self raising flour

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

25g chilled butter

25g light muscavado sugar

2 heaped tablespoons of sultanas (or any chopped dried fruit)

1 medium egg

75ml milk


large mixing bowl

measuring jug

rolling pin

heavy based frying pan


1 Measure the flour and spices into a large mixing bowl, stir together until no obvious trace of spices are visible. Take the butter straight from the fridge, measure out 25g then cut into cubes which will make it easier to rub into the flour. Next add the chilled butter to the flour and spice mix and rub it together between index, middle finger and thumbs in a kind of pinching/rubbing motion until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. It won’t look like much has changed as the butter to flour ratio is very low but there should definitely be no big lumps of butter remaining. You will now need to add 25g of light muscavado sugar  to the mix then gently stir it through. Add the sultanas (or any chopped dried fruit that suits your taste) and stir through until evenly distributed throughout the mixture.

2 Carefully crack the egg into a measuring jug and lightly whisk with a fork. Pour milk over the top until it measures 100ml in total, it usually takes about 75ml of milk but really depends on the egg size.

3 Start slowly adding the milk and egg to the flour mixture, adding small amounts and bringing it together with the edge of a blunt metal knife. Once all the milk and egg has been added start bringing the mixture together with your hands. Once it resembles a ball of dough place it on a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth, try not to ‘overwork’ it as this will ruin the texture.

4 Cut the dough into three and roll out each third into flat rounds which are just a little thicker than a pound coin. Cut each round into quarters. This will make 12 individual scones don’t worry if they are slightly different shapes and sizes as they will be cooked in batches.

5 Heat a heavy based frying pan over a medium heat, being careful not to let it get too hot as burnt scones aren’t that appealing! Cook in batches of 4-6 depending on the size of your pan, place the scones straight into the pan no need for oil or butter. Cook for a couple of minutes each side until golden brown and slightly risen. Unlike the traditional scone these won’t rise loads so don’t expect miracles.

6 Place first batch on a cooling tray whilst you attend to the remaining scones. Once all the cooking is done you can eat these little beauties warm or cold but they are best eaten on the day as they tend to be a little heavy if stored for any length of time. I eat them split in two and spread with butter and sometimes a little jam or honey depending on my need for sugary sweetness.


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