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Chipotle Pearl Barley Salad


Practicing the ‘art of moderation’ means enjoying a wide range of foods; if you find yourself stuck in a bit of a food rut shake things up with some new flavours, textures or even foods you have never tried before. Need inspiration? check out this recipe for ‘Chipotle Pearl Barley Salad’, it is packed with flavour and a whole lot of veggies too. It can be eaten warm or cold and makes a great lunchbox filler so there really is no excuse not to give it a try!

Kernel Crunch Cereal Bars


I am constantly in search of tasty wholesome snacks to eat on the go and in a world of pre packaged convenience food I am too often disappointed. I almost always end up buying a cereal bar to curb my sugar cravings and with the hope it will fill me up more than chocolate. The problem here is the processed cereal bar is likely to be made with additives, preservatives and a little bit more sugar than I had bargained for so I somehow feel a bit cheated. The answer to my snacking dilemma? Make some!

Savoury Oat Pancakes


Oats are an excellent source of slow burning energy. They keep you feeling full for longer and satisfy your hunger if you are craving carbohydrates. So why not try these delicious oaty pancakes for a lazy weekend breakfast or to set yourself up for a busy day? They go perfectly with deliciously ripe avocado or just as well with crispy bacon!

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